Wanted to know who all is going all cash this weekend? Hopefully it will be more quite than last weekend craze with all the debt ceiling debates. 

Also, next week will be a busy week with the Fed meeting on Tuesday ,also, Housing Starts, Industrial Production. PPI ( Producer Price Index) and CPI ( Consumer Price Index). 

With the markets being very sensitive to economic data, large sell off and large run ups; I see next week being very volatile. 

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I'm long my stocks, have a little cash. Plan to ride it out. I did a little shuffling of stocks this week. I don't have any predictions for next week. I'm pretty comfortable with what I own. How about you?

You never know, but I think we are going down...Retail investors will panic. Some funds that require AAA or better rated companies may be required to sell certain US stocks and bonds.   I raised some cash the week before last & wish I had raised more.  Other than the embarrassment, the downgrade while arguably deserved does not change the profitability of companies.I am strapping in for Mr Market's wild ride...



Oh for a crystal ball!

I am still shorting US bonds (TBT) and long gold (GLD), swiss franc ( FXF). I am also quite nervous about monday. I will be glued to CNBC like usual, I might record mondays action. Bond yields have never been so low and now with the downgrade, are we watching the destruction of the U.S. economy. I will be watching what China will be doing monday. Russia sold 30% of U.S. debt last week and I am sure a lot of other countries did too.
Liquid yes, 25% in cash but need for a potential purchase of a new residence. I think I will sell into rallies and wait for a direction when things settle some. The whole market has changed. Used to buy on dips and right now everything has dipped and yes corporate earnings are great but what does Cramer state in his books...buy the top performing stock in a hot sector but if the neighborhood is a bad one then stay away. Well the world markets are a bit in the bad area so cash is king for the next few weeks. Yield on cash should go up slightly but where to put cash for 2 weeks? High yield stocks? If the market drops again then buying here on increments may be a good thing. Might just add to some positions that I did not sell like Sarah.
Good for you Yitmy, you are in a good position with your cash and you are exploring your options. Nothing wrong with being cautious.
Sarah is closer to what i've been doing only i have no cash used it up this week and have been selling stock at a loss but sometimes you have to take a loss when other way better stocks are so cheep as we have seen them this past week,call me crazy other people do. DNev47 on twitter.thank you.
Well David just between you and me (and whoever else reads this post) I'm light on cash now as well. I agree with you I think stocks are cheap. Last week one of my facebook friends posted about how equities were like the tulip mania and were destined to plummet, so the big drop was warranted. I just don't think valuations are that stretched. Could we go lower? Sure. I have nothing against taking a loss in one stock to pursue an opportunity in another, but I do need to work on buying and selling timing. Cramer has a good clip on this I will see if I can bring it over. Sometimes I focus too much on the research of the companies and not enough on the timing of purchases. I don't think your crazy. I see things the same way.
Definitely agree about the timing...what a huge positive or negative difference it can make in our portfolios.


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